Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Day 26 - Gramma Mora's Mexican Restaurant

Last night was hot and uncomfortable on so many levels. Too hot to stay inside and make anything. We went out instead for some authentic mexican food at Gramma Moras! The family that runs the restaurant have been in business for over thirty years and their commitment to serving quality food in a festive setting shows in so many ways. From the very chunky homemade guacamole, to their well seasoned homemade chorizo sausage, to using local vegetables and meats the whole experience at Gramma's is one of settle down and tuck in. Dishes are large and well plated and there are always leftovers!

We had Chicken and Steak Fajita and Quesadilla dinners. There were baskets of freshly made chips and red chilies salsa, a large bowl of bean dip and the guacamole was outstanding.

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