Monday, September 12, 2011

Day 12 - Vietnamese đuôi bò hầm

 Vietnamese đuôi bò hầm is vegetable oxtail stew. It's very similar to recipes I found for China and Italy except that in Vietnam the meat is deep fried or browned in oil instead of boiled. The vegetables are layered on top and every thing is steamed for four to five hours instead of being completely removed leaving only the broth behind.

These oxtails come from Lake Country Beef Farms. 3 lbs - $10

4 tbls ground pepper $1.00

2 tbls large flake salt $0.25

6 tbls Sunflower seed oil $1.00

3 tsp Truffle (or fish sauce) Oil $2.00

8 Carrots $3.00

4 Potatoes $1.25

3 Onions $1.00

7 to 10 cloves of Garlic $0.50

Total cost for this 8 serving dinner = $20.00

Rinse the meat and pat each piece dry. Start the crockpot on high and add oil, pepper and salt then layer in the meat. Every 15 minutes turn the meat. Do this four times.

When the first hour of browning the meat is done, add in 7 to 10 whole slightly crushed cloves of garlic.

Large chop the three onions.

Large chop the potatoes.

Chop the carrots into bite sized pieces. Add 1 cup of cool water. Cover and continue to cook on high for 4 hours.

Dish and serve with something light to drink, like iced tea or water. I recommend avoiding beer or wine, which will mask the flavor of beef and pepper. Buttered rolls to sop up the golden broth would be the perfect accompaniment.

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