Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wegmans and I'm in Love

So I'm standing in Wegman's vestibule, returning 4 dollars worth of beer bottles and cans. I have two, German (Lübzer Pils) and Japanese (Asahi), cans I can't return, a bag full of odd ball plastic bottles, and I'm wondering how it is we've drunk so much beer over the last two months.
I'm also wondering if organic kiwi in May in Buffalo is a good thing. Yeah organic, boo crazy fruit shipped 4000 miles from New Zealand. Seriously?! 

Look, I adore Wegmans! 

J'adore épicerie Wegmans!

It makes me want to skip like Eloise to see all of those organic seedless May....sigh....

But regardless of my conflicted feelings for Wegmans, I do have to share with you world my love for Shaun Doyle Jr.! The delightfully irascible Shaun who penned this delectable ditty,   

Oh Shaun, if only you weren't getting married so soon...I could come up with a dastardly plan to kidnap you from your husband to be, leave my family behind and take you to Wegmans where we would be married near the cake and pie cold case.... 

Maybe it's the headiness of the store. The intoxicating smell of lobsters and pizza and chocolate cake, and sizzling stir-fry. Dizzying! Shaun is right "We Buffalonians are a hardy people- we don’t need to be fed excitement on an aisle to aisle basis, but at Wegmans it’s like having an E Ticket to all the thrills you can take in!" 

I get to the register to cash out my slips and barely make it out alive with the rush of after school customers. Somehow I manage to leave with my pocketbook unmolested and change in my pocket and whistling Colbie Caillat's Brighter Than the Sun.

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