Thursday, May 10, 2012

House Container and Raised Bed Garden

We walked to the Greenhouse today to till and water and check the potato height. Another three days and we'll be adding a few inches of soil and compost to bury the leaves.
Cleaned up the raised beds and put in baby plants.
The bagged white creamer potatoes have sprouted.
It's almost time to transplant them.
Planted the garlic and sweet peas.

The chive flowers will pop soon.
Their purple flowers will bring in every fat bumble bee around. 
These basil are actually ready to harvest,
as long as I'm not aggressive.

White Navy Beans to climb the trellis this year,
instead of Scarlet Runner Beans like the last two years.

Three different kinds of mint, micro greens, thyme,
more chive, and room for six more plants.
I'm thinking of adding some spinach and rosemary.

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