Thursday, May 3, 2012

May Garden Updates

On May 1st, Beltaine, my family came out to the garden to help plant some of the beans and to pop off the frost covers. Those covers protected all of our plants but one of the Silver Thyme, which may or may not make it. We'll know for certain if it survived in another week. The potatoes popped up and showed their dark leaves, straining through the straw. Notice how purple these leaves look?
 The Black Beans went in, in two neat rows along one edge of the trellis. The plan is to feed them onto the trellis and have a "fence" of beautiful beans. The leaves will be lush, the flowers delicate and sweet, and the bean pods will number in the hundreds.
 Here is another shot of some of the Purple potato leaves. I can nearly taste the creamy fingerling potatoes now!
These petite sage bushes will quintuple in size to roughly 1 x 1 foot square by the end of the growing season. Their leaves will intermingle as they grow, offering protection from wind and heavy rains and preventing weeds from growing between them.

I received these garlic as a gift from Singer Farm Naturals when I went to Burchfield Penny Art Gallery's 2nd Friday event on April 13th. I cut them to add to a beef casserole and they've been growing steadily ever since.
Today I went to the garden in the early morning fog, after dropping the girls off at school. The Kidney and Pinto beans went in like sleepy babies. All droopy headed.
The Pinto beans were the hardest to start and I'm not even certain if these two will actually produce anything, but I'm giving them a chance to show off and prove me wrong.
 Here the nineteen plants sit in their nice neat rows. In a few more weeks they'll be growing pell mell up the trellis.
 It's only been a couple of days since I saw these last and look how much they've sprouted!
I have ten more plants to put in this week. These little ones look so lonely holding the corner on their own.

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