Saturday, January 7, 2012


Do you know this building at 219 West Ferry? It used to be the Veterans of Foreign Wars Stadium Post #1369. It's been empty for years now and neglected and abused. It's not brick red/gun metal grey anymore, now it's just as badly painted, but this time in a Floridian retiree turquoise.

I dream about this building. 

I've dreamed of moving boxes while it's wood framed guts are still being knocked into position. I've dreamed of sliding boxes along a roller conveyer from the front door to the back of the building. 
I've dreamed of climbing the metal fire escape in the alley up to the roof to the newly sprouted garden. Of plucking tomatoes and putting red romaine in a bin to bring downstairs. I've dreamed of opening the front door wide. Letting in the hot summer breeze that lifts and snaps the white curtains, their bleached cotton scent mixing with smells of basil and tomatoes and garlic. 
The bass of West Side cars sliding by sounding in rhythm with The National 'Start A War' coming from my Shuffle's speakers.

Can you imagine such a place? A place for SOLE of Buffalo's Food Pantry with a family friendly cafe and space to teach cooking, and baking, and preserving, and gardening?

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  1. Still dreaming...Giant planters along the huge sidewalk facing Herkimer, full of veggies waiting for local folks to snap off the vines and take home. For guerilla gardeners to swing by and pop in a new plant and to pull weeds when I'm not looking....