Friday, September 28, 2012

Last Friday of the Locavore Challenge

Today marks the final Friday of our month of adventures in locavorism. Not that I'm stopping once the challenge ends, but I will miss these bi-weekly updates. Over the course of the year I will continue to set up mini challenges for you and me to meet. Try new flavors, stores, restaurants and more. Come along with me as the year continues to unfold!

Here are some of the items I purchased locally, either at Wegmans, Spars European Sausage Shop, Five Points Bakery, and the Elmwood-Bidwell Farmers Market.

Green Leaf Lettuce, Dill and Celery from Demarco Farms in Ripley, NY (77 miles from Buffalo)
Raw Honey from Fiegel Apiaries picked up at Five Points Bakery
Ribs, sausage, ground beef from Spars located in Black Rock on Amherst Street.
Beans from Cayuga Pure Organics
Pasta from the Pasta Peddler
Pickles from Susie Cuke's Pickles
Apples from Dan Towers

Here are some sites that I have been reading a lot of links and articles from. Sometimes I agree, sometimes I agree to disagree, but they each have a plethora of excellent sources to check out, ideas to consider, and ways to become more involved in the food conversation.

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