Tuesday, September 11, 2012

IN - 4th Event INferno

Krista from Curly's won the evening's competition with her Jamaican Hot Sauce.

Christian from Buffalo Fire Sauce, Valerie from Headstone Heat and Chris from Lloyd's Taco Truck competed against her in a close fight last night in the INferno Hot Sauce Competition.

James Roberts' Suzumebachi was a big hit, with more than 20 folks signing their lives away on the mandatory waiver and tasted his hotter than hot sauce. I saw a whole lot of panting, sweating, and swearing! It must have been amazing to experience that much heat all at one time!

I could tell this was Christian's Buffalo Fire Sauce on the pork fried rice (pork courtesy of Schneider's via Rick Criden) that the SeaBar provided for the tastings. It was a close second for me. I liked how it maintained it's flavor from start to finish, despite it's intense heat.

Krista also provided her jerked wings to sample. They were fantastic with the hot sauce she had on hand. There will be more on that mysteriously hotter than hot hot sauce in a post coming soon!

Once again, thanks to Christa Glennie Seychew, the Feed Your Soul team, the staff at Seabar and for all who came for yet another excellent evening!

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