Saturday, August 11, 2012

IN - 2nd Event Slick and Pitted

Piave Vecchio, a hard white cheese from Italy and made from cow's milk.

Winnimere, a soft cheese from Jasper Hill Vermont. Made with cow's milk wrapped in spruce bark and washed with beer.

Verde Capra, a sharp blue made with goats milk from Spain.

All of these cheeses were presented by Jill Gedra Forster of Nickel City Cheese & Mercantile

Fermin Iberico Palate Serrano ham, slivered thin, provided by Rick Criden of Schneider.

Bistro Europa's house-cured prociutto, sliced by Chef Steven Gerda.

Hojiblanco - Sixteen percent of the olive oil produced in Andalucia, Spain is made from Hojiblanco olives. Peppery and fruity, Hojiblanco olives can also impart flavors redolent of almonds or grass. During this time of year, D'Avolio's Hojiblanco Olive Oil comes from Australia. It offers extremely fruity flavors and big, grassy aromas. Upon first taste it boasts hints of Fuji apple and strawberry, finishing with an overall spiciness.
 Manzanilla - Subtle flavors of almond and smoke permeate the Manzanilla olive in its green stage, but its flavors become more mild as the fruit matures and turns black. With pronounced strawberry flavors, this oil packs the perfect amount of bitterness and offers a delayed, pungent finish. Here I paired the olive and its oil with the Piave Vecchio (my favorite) with the tomato parm flavored bread and a sliver of Serrano ham.
 Arbequina - These small, mildly flavored olives are cultivated in Spain and South America. Tiny, sweet, and brown in color, Arbequina olives have a slight nutty flavor and a firm meaty texture. D'Avalio's Arbequina Olive Oil comes from Chile, creamy and smooth with ripe tomato flavors, it is well-balanced. Despite being mild, it finishes with peppery nuances. I paired these with the Fermin Iberico Palate Serrano ham, and a dollop of Winnimere cheese.

Pictured here, is Chef Steven's 18 month house-cured T-Meadow prosciutto paired with the strong vinegary blue Verde Capra, D'Avalio's plain olive oil, and Chef Ellen Greda's focaccia.

The setting was far less crowded than the first event, but no less exciting! Thank you to everyone from Feed Your Soul and Seabar who created such an outstanding event!

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