Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Nickel City Cheese & Mercantile

Owner and Cheesemonger, Jill Forster runs the Nickel City Cheese & Mercantile, a specialty shop that breathes classic European crèmerie. After receiving training at the New England Culinary Institute in Montpelier, Vermont, Jill worked in a number of restaurants until moving to Boston where she began learning about cheese. Over the past few years she gained experience in all aspects of cheese, from production to sale, culminating in moving back into the WNY area and opening this delightful shop.
The main case is full of cheese and specialty meats, like Bleu D'auvergne 'Terre des Volcan'. A raw milk blue which has a creamier, less salty flavor compared to its sister roquefort. 
While still pungent and full flavored, it is more buttery and moist than other types of blues. Great as a salad dressing, table cheese or base for pasta sauce, or eating straight out of it's packaging like Bob and I did.

Olives and pickled peppers and soft spreads are displayed well, inviting you to load up your bag with sharp, salty and intensely flavored foods.

I loved the brilliant afternoon light pouring in the front windows. 

Jill created this light fixture herself from milk bottles!

The shop is superbly dressed with antique furniture and crisp linens and bright green potted plants.

Jams, jellies, candies, crackers and sweets line the shelves.

The most unique canistered sweet being the goat's milk caramels. Soft, salty and milky sweet.

Bars of chocolates and quince membrillo and chocolate dipped figs are all stacked neatly, encouraging you to toss more in your basket than you probably need.

Sodas, meat sticks and more cheese line the second tall open case.

Jill also makes mac & cheese and sandwiches and from what other guests have said, they are outstanding!

This visit was such a nice change from the crowded and jumbled cheese cases in the local grocery stores. The variety and Jill's friendly nature are sure to have me returning again soon and often.

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