Thursday, August 23, 2012

IN - 3rd Event Nuit Blanche

Chef Corey Kley of Rue Franklin presented this delicately mint and dill scented smoked couscous salad. A blend of couscous, melon, herbs, tomato, and fromage blanc, it was a fresh take on an oft abused granulated semolina. I've never particularly liked couscous, but was mightly impressed by the skill and restraint used in creating this dish, which prevented it from being destroyed and turned into a dry crumb or overcooked to a slurry.

Chef Edward Forester of Mike A at Hotel Lafayette plated a dish that highlighted quark. There were three variations of quark and three of asparagus and the complicated combination was tame but so lovely to look at.

Quark - Vermont Creamery - German for “fresh curd,” it is similar to old-fashioned cream cheese.

Mascarpone - Vermont Creamery - Like Quark, this cream cheese spreads smoothly, but is often used in place of butter in many Italian dishes as it has a voluptuousness in taste and creaminess.
Crème Fraîche - Vermont Creamery - A thick, smooth, tart cheese, not too dissimilar to Greek yogurt in texture and flavor.

Fromage Blanc - Vermont Creamery - A smooth, whipped cheese, flavor and feel is quite close to a French styled sweet yogurt.
Chef Michael Obarka of Ristorante Lombardo produced this plate of Cavatelli, handmade in-house, in a mascarpone sauce and tossed with arugula, saba, salt, and pepper.

Chef Jennifer Boye of Mansion on Delaware Avenue stylized these tasty bites which included crispy fried chicken skin, caraway crème fraîche and kimchi jam.

These crisps were paired with thinly sliced Scandinavian gravlax, very small slivered pickles, dill, and gin soaked tomatillos.

Once again, thanks to Christa Glennie Seychew, the Feed Your Soul team, the staff at Seabar and for all who came for yet another excellent evening!

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