Sunday, December 18, 2011

Lagniappes, Farmers & Builders, Santas in Kilts, and Burmese Children in Christmas Tree Skirt Capes

Where do I start? Last night was....
I was looking forward to going to the Opt-Out Launch Party hosted by Buffalo's Farmers & Builders, but wanted to eat before heading over. I stopped at Lagniappes for their mac & cheese and ended up with this giant dish of veggie with no tofu and a tasty cup of coffee.

While huffing, puffing and sweating through this superbly hot and spicy dish and sucking down coffee I chatted with the ladies as they worked. I really love coming here and recommend it to all my friends. Which was another bonus as a long time friend was in the middle of her first visit with a group of other friends when I walked in. I love that Buffalo is just a big living room. That where ever you go in this city, you're bound to run into friends and loved ones.

The Opt-Out Launch Party was fantastically rustic. The house on North Pearl is in the midst of long term reconstruction. As I sat in the kitchen chatting with folks, the wood stove churned out tasty eats and soft plumes of smoke wove through the exposed ceiling beams. If you're interested in becoming engaged in "A vision for an alternative political-economic paradigm. Community-focused political participation. Individual economic freedom. Down-sizing, in-sourcing, copy-lefting. Communities of people, farms, workspaces, funspaces, artspaces and marketplaces. Autonomously belonging." then check out their website.

As I headed home I drove west on Allen and stopped to let four men in kilts, Santa coats and hats cross the road. They stopped in front of the truck and blew kisses and shouted thanks. I thought how amusing and charming that there was a roving band of kilted Santas. When I got closer to home, deeper in the West Side, a large group of Burmese children ran across the street crowing and laughing and throwing fruit at each other, all while wearing Christmas Tree skirts as capes and some with Santa caps on.

I had half a mind to just keep driving around the city to see what other nonsensical things might put themselves in my path. But I figured that had to be the best part of my day, and to quit while ahead.

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