Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Childhood memories: S#*\ on a Shingle, also known as White and Brown SOS

When I was a little girl I lived on some variation of SOS. Chipped beef with mushy peas. Chipped beef with mushrooms. Chipped beef with tinned green beans. Grandma would make a huge soup pot of it and dish it out breakfast, lunch or dinner over the course of the week. I ate it with rice pudding or oranges or overly cinnimony apple sauce or some other sugary treat.

This was always thick and gloppy and bland with a heavy layer of pepper on top, poured out onto white bread and eaten with glee. I loved how the bread turned into a sticky paste that had to be scrapped off the back of my top front teeth with my tiny finger nails. No, I really did like this stuff. I also figured it was time to introduce my childhood favorite to my kids.
But as you can probably tell, there was no way in hell I was going to make it like Grandma. She never washed the packing salt off the dried beef, so there was always a salt crust forming on the cooling jell of the cream. She also used a can of condensed creamed soup and condensed milk and an egg and capers and I figured that was why I was always sicker than a dog afterwards. Between all of that fat and salt and my egg allergy I was hot mess. But eating it made me so happy.

So I still used a condensed cream of mushroom soup, but this was from Pacific Natural Foods (I love their nifty packaging!) and I used sour cream and milk and seasoned it with a bit of pepper and scrubbed the salt out of the dried beef.
We had a big scrumptious salad with carrots and tomatoes so I didn't overwhelm them with a plate of white & brown (which of course they didn't touch!). Once they finished that they got a bit of Ambrosia's Organic Devon Rice Pudding with cinnamon sprinkled on top. I even served it hot instead of cold and jiggly like I had when I was little. I bet you'd like this too if you gave it a go!

I should add the note that my youngest flipped her lid that I had put all of this on top of perfectly good plain white bread. We're still going through "What is the matter with your food touching or mixed together? All right all ready I'll plate it separately!" Though this doesn't apply when it's pot roast and veggies; that has to be mixed. Yeah I don't get it either....


  1. You know you get a point every time you use the word "tinned." And for further reference, when speaking of fish, "jugged" gets you two points (three if it's jugged Rabbit Fish):)