Friday, July 26, 2013

SOLE of Buffalo's Urban Agricultural Series - #3 Seed Bombs

On Saturday, May 11th, SOLE of Buffalo taught how to make seed bombs,  how to handle first harvests, and how to prepare for second plantings. There was a steady stream of people who came to pack handfuls of bombs the hour that we were set up at the Foundry.

These bombs were made using bagged organic soil from Urban RootsCelluClay, and a mix of native seeds.

The soil was moist, so extra water was not needed. They were packed into silicon ice trays and hand packed into spheres and stored in egg containers for easy drying and storage.

Although many of the seeds came from Annie's garden, seeds were also provide by The Sample Seed Shop.

This local company provides high quality seeds for reasonable prices. Check out Remy's Facebook presence for seasonal updates.

The classes take place at the Foundry, the epicenter for indie artisans and crafters. Check them out! If you are interested in coming to future classes, contact Annie Levay-Krause via email and keep an eye out for more information on SOLE's main website or through their Facebook presence.

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