Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Pasta Peddler

Miki Sedia and Eric Amodeo together own and operate The Pasta Peddler out of their new location at the Horsefeathers Market. There they are able to offer all of their products, including fresh pasta, raviolis, pesto, and fresh sauce. They will be producing their pasta and ravioli there once the space is completed. They do not manufacture every day, so if you want to catch them in action, you will need to call ahead.

Their pastas are light and airy, not heavy or gummy. During September 2011's NOFA-NY's Locavore Challenge  I featured a pesto pasta recipe using The Pasta Peddler's Tomato Basil Linguini.  The tomato based sauces are heavy with seasoning and a bit on the sweet side, but I think it's more because of the fruit and not because of any added sweetener

The Basil Pesto is well balanced, being neither too oily nor too garlicky, just the hot Italian summer scent of basil and grated parmesan. I'm looking forward to sampling more of their pastas and sauces soon!

Since I last visited, back in April, all of the equipment was put into place and the shop is now churning out a incredible variety of pastas. It is quite the treat to stop in and see all of the strands of noodles dangling on long wooden dowels, drying, waiting to be packaged.

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