Monday, July 25, 2011

NY Locavore Challenge - Coming up this September!

What is the Locavore Challenge?

Show your support for local, organic farmers, food artisans, markets, co-ops and restaurants by taking the Locavore Challenge this September. Join a collective movement of new and seasoned locavores by registering for the Locavore Challenge. Choose your level of commitment (Bite-sized, Meal-sized or Feast-sized) and the activities and events you plan to participate in.  

It's your personal challenge, but TOGETHER we are showing NY that there are thousands of us... hungry, active and ready to change our food system. Register at the link above and send me an email when you do so I can keep of my extra challenge of recruiting the most people ever!

I will be committing my family to the challenge of eating nothing but local, seasonal, and organic for thirty (30) nights, for the whole of September. And to do this I need a bit of support. Eating locally, seasonally, and organically is not too difficult when you live on your own or if you incorporate only part of the three into your meals. However, to apply all three to every meal can be very pricey for a family of five. So to meet the challenge and photo blog about the dishes every evening in September, I am looking for the support of a few benefactors who would like to see what is feasible and in turn would like to support a worthy effort.

1. I will list the breakdown of cost alongside the ingredients in each recipe.

2. I will show price comparisons to commonly used conventional non-organic and non-local ingredients typically found in stores.

3. I will make recommendations of ingredient exchanges for meals that incorporate foodstuffs that cannot meet those three requirements.

4. I will blog weekly observations to be posted either Saturday or Sunday as to the successes or difficulties of that week along with information that can be used by others who are also committing in what ever way to the challenge.

If you would like more information about this specifically, would like to participate in the challenge (even if you're not in NY), or want to learn more about this blog, don't hesitate to comment below or send me a message!

If you would like to also donate to this blog's specific challenge, scroll to the bottom of the page and make a donation. I'll include your name in the weekly observations!

Thank you for your support!

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  1. This sounds like an interesting challenge. I already try to eat organic, local and home-grown as much as I can. Unfortunately, it seems that the food I eat is only organic AND local when I'm growing it myself. Nothing at the farmer's market says it's certified organic that I've seen. So mostly, what I eat is local OR organic...