Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Setzer Burgers with Cuba Cheddar Macaroni and Cheese

Kent Miller of Plato Dale Farms gave me a pack of freshly ground beef the last time I saw him at the Horsefeathers Market, the same day I picked up a container of tallow. I'll be using that to make some Native American scon/fry bread soon. I took Kent's advice, hand formed them and cooked them David Setzer style.

Here I am grating the extra sharp Cuba Cheddar cheese (which I found at Dash's Market on Hertle Avenue in North Buffalo) for the macaroni and cheese.

This time I left out the parmesan cheese and the veggies, going for pure unadulterated mac & cheese.

The giant toasted Al Cohen's bread rolls were layered with slivered purple-red onion, slabs of tomato, ruffle edged romain, and sharp nosed dijon mustard piled a mile high above the patties.

Sometimes we forget the importance of simple comfort foods. Comfort food is not a phrase, it's a way of being. When sad or lonely, oftentimes the best way to be is to share a meal and talk.

So many people were connected with the amazing and incredibly talented David Setzer and were saddened by his death. The benefit that was planned to defray costs is still taking place on April 10th at the CalVary Espiscopal Church's Hughson Hall in Williamsville, NY.  Tickets are still available.

For friends who are asking where to send donations, checks can be mailed to Attorney Sharon Osgood at:

Sharon Osgood c/o Setzer Family
69 Delaware Ave. Ste 702
Buffalo, NY 14202

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