Monday, April 29, 2013

Otto's Restaurant

Otto's Restaurant is located in Cheektowaga, NY, not far from the Walden Galleria Mall. This decades old restaurant shows it's age, and some reviews have not been kind, but I find that long lasting eateries are still in business because they are doing something right. The decor is dated and the service is a bit pokey but it seemed endearing rather than obnoxious.  Whether it's the traditional Italian dishes or family traditions that keep patrons returning I'm not certain, but our visit was rather pleasant.

We ate at 3pm on a Saturday, and there were only a handful of tables in the whole of this sprawling building that were occupied and quite a large number of servers. We were seated immediately on the patio, and our waiter was quick, efficient, and polite.

We ordered beers and golden fried mushrooms, a guilty pleasure of mine. I was expecting the boxed variety of factory dipped button mushrooms but was surprised by the fresh large caps served with Ranch flavored sour cream. They were super hot and very flavorful.

The bar isn't anything to rave about, not much to choose from, but the large product glasses were a nice touch, rather than the expected small beer glasses you might see at an older restaurant.

Bob ordered the Seafood Platter, which featured a large filet of freshly battered cod, fried strip clams, and crisp shrimp. He remarked the clams casino and the German potatoes were tasty. It certainly smelled fresh and tasty.

I ordered the grilled chicken sandwich, which was very juicy. The fries were a bit bland but were served hot and crisp.

It was a nice visit. Family friendly and clean, I wouldn't mind going again with my children in tow.

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