Tuesday, February 12, 2013

SOLE of Buffalo's Urban Agricultural Series - #2 Winter Sowing

On Saturday, February 9th, SOLE of Buffalo held it's second in a series of four urban agricultural events focusing on easy ways to grow in small areas, particularly for city dwellers. This class focused on starting seeds for a healing garden, though students also had the choice to start a vegetable garden too.

Using clean milk jugs, students cut them in half, filled them with soil and selected five types of seeds to plant. They were shown an easy way to label, and were advised when they young plants would be ready to be transplanted.

There were a total of fifteen people who planted seeds such as milk thistle, butternut squash, fennel in an organic blend of compost, soil, and perlite.

The next class will take place Saturday, May 11th. SOLE of Buffalo will be teaching how to make seed bombs and how to handle first harvests and preparing for second plantings.

If you are interested in coming to this class, contact Annie Levay-Krause via email and keep an eye out for more information on SOLE's main website or through their Facebook presence.
Although many of the seeds came from Annie's garden, seeds were also provided by The Sample Seed Shop. This local company provides high quality seeds for reasonable prices. Check out Remy's Facebook presence for seasonal updates.

The classes take place at the Foundry, the epicenter for indie artisans and crafters. Check them out!

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