Saturday, April 7, 2012


It was a very bright and sunny afternoon when I walked to Merge for a late lunch. The air was cold and sharp but the sun felt warm on my face and I looked forward to trying out the utterly amazing ethically driven menu.

I came into a place that was very relaxed and open, the floor plan encouraging you to walk in and make yourself comfortable. The stage was set literally and figuratively and made me curious as to how the 

acoustics of the place were like. The sound dampening panels along the upper portion of the walls leads me to believe the space is ideal for dinning, drinks and shows taking place successfully in one location.
Chris Kelly, was host, server, and juicer extraordinaire. He was polite, efficient, and devoted to setting the customer at ease, whether it was your first visit or you were part of the Merge family. He recommended the Juice of the Day; a blend of apple, carrot, cucumber, ginger and hints of lemon, lime and celery. An explosion of flavor that hit my palate from sweet to salty to umami.

I ordered the vegan mac n' cheese and was served a simple dish of whole wheat pasta with a perfectly salt and peppered cheese sauce.
I also ordered the burrito wrap that was exact in it's roll to make for an easy eat. Not a sloppy blend of ingredients haphazardly tossed in a wrap, but instead, rather neatly layered and tucked in the tortilla.
Chef Kate Elliott's kitchen produced beautifully constructed and plated food. After we met, we realized that we had run into each other back at the March 5th Nickel City Chef competition when we stood in line together waiting to get in and she overheard my desperate attempts to convince my daughter about how awesome the whole event was going to be....

Besides the amazing food, now I have one more reason to return, to get her to autograph the copy of the NCC book I won at the event! 

Simply delightful!

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