Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Cheesy Chick Truck

Earlier this morning, I passed the 464 Gallery located on Amherst Street, on the edge of the Black Rock District and saw the Cheesy Chick pull up front as I headed back home from Wegmans. After lazing on the couch and watching Everything Must Go, I decided to head back and check out the grilled sandwich truck that was making quite the splash here in the city.
The tidy truck has the cutest menu ever! I had a hard time choosing for no other reason than wanting one of each.
Angie Bernier was slicing apples and prepping food in the front of the truck while Catherine Frandina manned the window taking orders and Alexis Andrzejak, the food truck's owner, zipped between the two prepping sandwiches and chatting with the girls and customers.
They had the most cheerful smiles and easy going attitude.

Truck license number 3. In my opinion the requirements and related fees are outrageous. I lived in Albany during my adolescence and one of my favorite things to do was come down to the Capital and eat with my Mom at the park outside of the State Legislature. Ten or so trucks would line up around the edges of the park and they would be mobbed for three hours every day the weather was clear.
From what I understand the Capital Region plays it loosey goosey with the food vendor rules and everyone seems to be pretty happy about it after all this time. Speaking of eating with parents, Catherine's Dad stopped by to have lunch too.

The gallery was having a sale in the side yard. The place was packed with people, dragging unwilling children and dogs to and fro, admiring the whimsical pieces in the window and sitting on the concrete steps munching down sandwiches.

On Alexis' suggestion, I had the ABC sans onion mayo. She and Angie built such a pretty sandwich with wafer thin slices of apple, cheddar, and bacon in between very crunchy slices of sourdough bread.

For a treat I picked the Nutella panini with slivered bananas. This I took home to share. It was rich, sweet, nutty and reminded me of mischieveous childhood moments of sneaking spoonfuls of Nutella out of the kitchen pantry.

The menu is very accessible, making even the pickiest eater happy. The prices were very reasonable and I was so happy not to see a single fried potato option! These sandwiches didn't need any accompaniment. They were perfect just on their own! Congrats to the Cheesy Chick for going after their dreams and making others happy with their playful and ingenuous food creations.

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