Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Swedish International Dinner

Our Swedish International Dinner was the biggest yet with over One Hundred and Twenty Five Pounds of Food Donated, much of which was sustainably and organically and some was even locally sourced!
We ended up with thirty-nine people, some who were immigrants, first and second generation Swedes. My friend Martha Malkiewicz led a number of folk dance regulars through their paces with a jaunty Swedish children's dance that moved faster and faster as the song went on. My good friend Joan Goldberg shared stories that centered on the Iron Nail (a type of Stone Soup tale) and shared a bit of history of storytelling, how the stories stay generally the same regardless of the country, just darker in their telling the farther north you head.
It took me two days to make 55 Rose Hip Semla, and only 8 came home afterwards! Folks brought pepparkakor, quiche, cold apple and cucumber salad, salt potatoes, warm red cabbage, red wine glogg, and pickled slivered cucumbers.
I served over 300 kottbullar (traditional meatballs), potatoes with lingonberries, salmiak crusted pork loin, traditional Black Currant Glogg and an ice sorbet glogg, two loaves of cardamon bread, sweet gingered carrots, butter roasted slivered fennel, and lemon and dill stuffed grouper. Do you know how many bones there are in that fish? I don't know either, I lost count. But people were very sweet about it.



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