Friday, March 23, 2012

I totally woked it!

Wok's up? Oh no she didn't! Oh yes I did! Cracking wok jokes like Fozzy Bear - Woka, Woka, Woka! Look I got this as a gift in December and I'm just now using it. This is unheard of that a kitchen utensil of any sort would go for more than a week in this house, let alone three months before getting used, but do you know why it took so long? Fear. Total unadulterated fear. Of looking like a moron. But the pressure is on to really make some kickin' stir fry for the Chinese International Dinner coming up in May and why should I let one little thing like a GIGANTIC pan with hot oil and me being all thumbs keep me from pursuing my dreams of trying to cook challenging foods.
So I went for it. Here I baked a pork loin in a Hot Raspberry BBQ sauce until succulent and then sliced it thinly.
I set out the ingredients watched a video for technique and then just went bold as brass.
 Thick veggies go first, in a little bit of sesame oil. Stir constantly.

By the time I added the peas I had a comfortable rhythm.
 By the time I added the sweet peppers,

I was grinning maniacally!

The rice was perfect of course....
can you guess what we're having tonight?

Tonight (March 23rd) I made this with shrimp all on yaki curly soba, nori komi furikake rice seasoning, and peanut micro greens and we split a can of Asahi beer from Japan.

Here is Chicken Teriyaki, fried rice and lightly seasoned mushrooms.

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