Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ostara - I love Buffalo...in the Springtime...

It's officially Spring! The little birds have returned to pull bugs from our tiny postage sized bit of grass and the worms have wiggled out onto the wet concrete. The air has that delightful tang of damp earthiness and the seeds I started over a week ago are starting to bump up the soil in the seed pods I planted them in.
Yesterday, in a fevered pitch of "must clean NOW!",
I raked leaves out from under the back entrance that accumulated over the fall and winter. I had my husband pull out the grill and test it for our first night of grilling since our Wedding day after party. I repotted a dead Spider plant and swept and had the fabric fence cover re-attached where it had come loose in the winter winds.

Our Thyme, Climbing Rosemary, Lemon Balm, Chives, Strawberries and Marshmallow have come back strong. We'll be starting bean runners against the back wall this year and potatoes grown in a large sack will lean against the fence. The "Bodhisattva" tree has returned as beautiful as ever, and is newly adorned with prayer flags.
 My friend Jenn and I snapped up the last plot at the Gardens on Grant and will be photo-blogging our adventures in organic urban farming. You can follow our adventures at SOLE of Buffalo and at My Ethical Garden.

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