Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Italian One Pot Supper

Dinners over the last few weeks have been repeats or takeout and I got tired of the same old same old. Here is a take on a one pot supper I had years ago at a little Italian dive in Sligerlands, NY. This recipe uses thick slices of garlic, minced chives, cannellini beans, olive oil, hearty brown rice, slivered brussels sprouts, and organic flank steak massaged with white pepper.

The garlic is sliced thick and then the flat of blade is pressed to release the oils.
The meat is sliced 1/4" thin and then sprinkled with a bit of white pepper and olive oil and massaged for a moment, forcing the oil and seasoning into the meat's fibers. Sprinkle liberally with flake salt.

Make three cups of rice.

In a large wok, fry the garlic, well drained beans, and minced chives in 1/4 cup of olive oil. Stir gently, so the skins do not break, until they begin to crisp and thicken. Add the meat and fold until well cooked.



Then add the brussels sprouts, folding until cooked. Serve over rice and a glass of Australian Hunter Valley Sémillon.

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