Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Buffalo Joe's Breakfast & Lunch Cafe


Buffalo Joe's is still rather new. It's been less than one year since it's opening, but its flavors have caught the attention of more than just local residents in Clarence. AM Buffalo did a piece on the restaurant,  during which Joe, the owner and chef, was able to show off his simple but outstanding and boldly flavored fare.

What is most surprising here is the complexity of flavor compared to the typical 'greasy spoon' blandness. You can choose to have your potatoes plain, but why would you ever want to do that when you can instead have an exceptional example of Southern Asian styled seasonings, house blended in secret?

The clam chowder, an expected soup with an unexpected subtle earthiness from a delicate blending of herbs. The large number of well diced and soft, not rubbery nor fishy scented clams too were a surprise. But what really brought me here was the promise of well seasoned hash browns with bold well cooked bacon. No limp undercooked slimy American bacon here.
My husband, the one who couldn't stop talking about the hash brown, bacon, and eggs and urged me to visit, had the beer battered fish fry. It had the slight warm woody scent of stale beer, the perfect liquid for battered fish. It was flash fried and the steamed fish had the appearance of freshness you don't see at most restaurants. Usually the edges of the fish are hard from being battered and then frozen then re-dipped and then fried. But this filet was perfect all the way through. The German potato salad was amazing!

The place was full the whole time we were there, but no one had to wait to be served. The waitstaff were fast, efficient, tidy and so polite. I really look forward to going back to visit!

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