Friday, July 13, 2012

Apologies to all of my readers...

This heat and drought has left me making smoothies and grilling and that's not all that interesting to write about. One can only say so much about, "Throw eight fruits and a fistful of kale in a blender and blend on high speed till it's green and smooth". Meh...

But I will be talking about other people and their scrumptiousness!

Look for a write up on Lucy's Ethiopian Cuisine.

A tour of Community Beer Works!

A shout out to JJ's Jams and a recipe using their jelly. A brand new West Side business, created by canning duo, Jackie McGee and Jean Doerr. Their rhubarb jelly is stupefying!

Lastly, a NEWS FLASH concerning NOFA-NY's CSA Fund as well as their 3rd Annual Locavore Challenge that I will be captaining again this September, potluck and all.

So be patient and in the meantime check out some of my easy peasy summer time recipes from last year. Last year was the Year of the Long Wing, looks like this year is the Year of Grilled stay tuned!

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