Monday, February 13, 2012

WJ Morrissey Irish Pub and Fish & Chips

Do you know what that is? 

That is a plate of the finest fish and chips in Buffalo.  

WJ Morrissey batters their fillet in Harp and the fluffiest batter and serves it with chips (french fries) and Mike's outstanding cole slaw. Mike's slaw has very finely slivered and chopped cabbage, carrots, and radishes and what my husband described as a bold zesty mix of mayonnaise, salt, pepper, and perhaps Coleman's Mustard. I was pretty sad to slide all of that luscious smelling slaw onto Bob's plate. Can't stand cole slaw, but this, this smelled and looked so good I was sorely tempted to test my body's ability to digest egg whites. As it was I felt done in by the teensy amount of yolk in the batter, but sometimes, and probably quite foolishly, I say "Egg allergy be damned! I want me some of that!"

I opted out of the traditional dunking of tartar sauce and went for malt vinegar and Colman's Mustard and the powerful spice knocked my nose askew! This is mustard and for those of you who think the watery yellow glop in a yellow bottle is mustard, I challenge you to try this. One tablespoon is generally enough for a whole fillet. This is the same mustard I use when making my homemade mac&cheese. Powerful stuff!

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