Thursday, August 4, 2011

ZillyCakes - Vegan Cupcakes and Frosting

Zilly Rosen of Zillycakes is creating a Pirate & Psychobilly themed multi-tiered cupcakes and bride and groom cake for our wedding coming up this October. While visiting the shop this morning to sign off on the final details, the girls and I spied the August vegan flavor of the month - Lavender. Now anyone who knows me, knows I have a sweet spot for anything made with Lavender. With my Buffalo First coupon in hand I ordered two of the adorable minis that Zilly herself topped with little flower buds. The scent was sweet and delicate. The taste was like breathing in a French Lavender garden, I think I wept, maybe just a little. I love cakes and pastries, however my egg allergy prevents me from enjoying pretty much anything sweet, so having a local shop that creates egg-less delights means so much!

This specialty mini is $2.25(US) and worth every shiny penny! My little Leto said it was like eating a fairy cake and I absolutely agree!

The other August flavors are: Sangria Chiffon, Pina Colada, Rocky Road, with Peanut Butter Mousse as an optional filling for any of these.

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