Thursday, March 14, 2013

White Cow Dairy

White Cow Dairy is the production side of Blue Hill Farm. Located in East Otto, the dairy farm is on the outskirts of the sweet sleepy village, deep in the heart of Cattaraugus County. A 200 acre dairy farm with picturesque hills and dales, dotted with plump, happily mooing, leisurely grazing cows. Patrick Lango shares, "The hills are overrun with coltsfoot, beebread, burdock, violet, fescue, buttercup, birdsfoot, chamomile, peppermint, chickweed, wildstrawberry, yarrow, horehound, yellowdock, feltwort, orchard grass, nettles & clover."

All of these wildflowers and grasses help each cow create milk that is subtle and distinct, its creamy loveliness is lightyears from regular corn and grain feed dairy cows. 

The kitchen is mere meters from the stable, where custards, puddings, creams, yogurts, tonics, fresh cheeses, and savory spiced sauces are dreamed up and created. The maple sugars and syrups are created from the local forests, while most of the herbs, wildflowers, berries, and apples are gathered from neighboring orchards and farms.

Patrick and Jeff were both in the White Cow Dairy shop when I dropped in recently. It was so nice to see them both, as they playfully bantered with customers and stocked the coolers.

The yogurt is tangy, the quark is smooth, the pudding sweet and all of their product is well made, beautifully constructed, and sold at the farm shop which is located at:

241 Lexington Avenue
on the Northwest corner of Ashland
Buffalo NY
(716) 885-1000


  1. I absolutely LOVE White Cow Dairy. I was devastated when they stopped distributing to Wegmans, but have visited to farm shop a few times now. I love that the yogurt is made with grass-fed cow milk. My favorite yogurt flavors thus far: pumpkin, rosemary-quince (outstanding), and fig tea!

    1. I really like the apple anise, it's particularly delightful.