Monday, January 21, 2013

Japanese International Dinner

On Saturday, January 12 we celebrated Japan, our third dinner at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Buffalo.

After watching the different groups that were participating in the Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society's Bunka no Hi, or Japan Culture Day back in November, I knew I had to ask the dancers if they would like to come and perform for our Japanese International Dinner.

Robert Poczik told stories about what it is like for a Westerner to go to a traditional Japanese public bath; this story was a humorous and surprising view of everyday Japanese culture. He then shared a slide show from his several trips to Japan, showing highlights of the city of Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan and the country's greatest repository of imperial palaces, as well as it's monasteries, gardens and home to Japan's geisha. It was a very rich visual glimpse into the beauty of Japan.

Pictured above is a Japanese Buddhist altar. Pictured below is candied ginger.

The following people and groups helped to make this evening so successful:

Bruce Acker, the Assistant Director of Asian Studies Program at the University at Buffalo.

Dr. Takako Michii, PHD is the president of Buffalo-Kanazawa (Japan) Sister Cities Committee, former director of the Japanese program at SUNY Buffalo, distributor of Kaengen (Enagic) Water.

Joshua Smith of Serene Gardens.

Atsuko Nishida-Mitchell, certified tea ceremony instructor and Martin House docent.

Leader Setsuko Mullen, Yoshiko Connolly and others, all members of the Odori No Kai (Japanese Dance Group).

Susan Mann Dolce donated boxes and boxes of oranges for the center pieces.

Eve Holberg helped set up the main hall and produced dozens and dozens of origami cranes.

Kate Goehrig Scott helped transport all of the lovely dancers and assisted them with their music.

There were many many many door prizes that were donated by Serene Gardens, A Chau International, and Westside Stories, including books, chopsticks, gift certificates, and more. It made for a very exciting end of the evening!

The evening's menu included:

Salt massaged cucumbers with miso, undaria pinnatifida seaweed, and sesame seed

Sake steamed kabocha squash with white miso

Misoshiru with shaved daikon, yellow onions, and mountain yam

Sliced ginger and cracked red pepper crusted grilled tofu

Crystalized ginger wild rice blend with carrots and chaved cabbage

Roasted peppers with mentsuyu served on mixed beans

Azuki bean ice cream

Green salad with terriyaki nori and pumpkin seed dressing

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