Monday, October 29, 2012

Lloyd Taco Truck

Lloyds Taco Truck put food trucks in the lime light here in Western New York in so many ways. Food trucks in some places here in the States are treated as a necessary part of the urban landscape while in other areas they are reviled as dirty, infested, and food poisoning on wheels. (Post by fellow blogger Scotty Harris.)  Buffalo and it's suburbs are still in the experimental phase and as more trucks make an appearance, clashes between roving food vendors and

brick and mortar establishments spark. A diverse food system is a good thing, but it's application so far has caused all sort of heart ache for both sides. Each truck has had to create a niche that cannot be filled in a single location; a unique signature that allows them to do something far more creative because they have to work in tight quarters, in a short amount of time and with a set ingredient pool.

"With the direction of Chef Chris Dorsaneo and the business sense of Peter Cimino, Lloyd has developed a menu and concept that delivers high-end food and service at street level prices." This is exactly it. It is about offering a service that is so needed and doing it with flair and style. They were the first to do it, flipping an 'in your face' to the expected rules of food service.

So to be honest, this was the first time I'd ordered from them. I know, horrors!

They've been up and running for a long while now, but it's been life and other mini-dramas that have prevented me from checking them out until the IN event on October 22nd. Teddy and Tony were manning the truck. Two bigger than life pirates slinging tacos in a truck that sways like a ship at sea. The galley kitchen is bright and clean and packed to the gills with all sorts of ingredients.

I picked one of every dish to take home to taste and was wowed by the scent and texture, flavor and presentation. The sharp lime and jalapeno, cilantro and black beans, explosive bursts of Rocket Sauce, beef tongue, chicken, and more all vying for attention.

I was smitten! They are a new household favorite when craving Mexican.

Thank you to all of Lloyd's employees for your commitment to producing such excellent nosh!

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  1. Love Lloyd's! Just disappointed that since becoming more popular, they aren't at Main and Mohawk as often!!

  2. I'm prejudiced, because since pitching to help cook at the first "save the truck" event at Artisan I've become friends with Pete and Chris. I wrote an early letter to the News in support of the trucks. My point, in part, is that in existing BM's lose business to the trucks it is because the trucks are putting out better food. Lloyd's Tacos are the best in Buffalo.

    (Annie, food blogger to food blogger your second photo of Tony is covering some text.)

  3. I love that! Forces B&M's to step up their game, some have become too complacent and mediocre. Nothing like healthy competition to liven things up.

    (Is it? It looks good from here. Whay are you viewing it on? I'll check it out on the other system when I get to work.)

  4. I was hoping to link also to a letter I wrote to the News on the topic, but there website revamp kind of sucks when it comes to the archives/morgue. One interesting and under-reported aspect is who you don't hear opposing the food trucks - the white tablecloth chefs/restaurateurs. Yes, they don't see the trucks as competition, but they also know that the trucks are a symbol of an active food scene. I mean Jose Andres has a truck in DC.